Top Wordpress Themes

How To Select The Best Wordpress Themes For Your Site


It is overwhelming for most beginners in choosing the best theme for their WordPress site. However, it does not have to be that hard when you put careful consideration into the work. There is no need of hiring a professional since there are a lot of tutorials that give you a step by step guideline. The options are many from free to pay for themes depending on your priority so take your time when selecting to get the best.


Whether you want it for your photography blog or for selling your products the rules are the same. It should be a theme that complements what you are displaying on your blog. Always go for something simple that tells it all at a glance. An e-commerce blog needs simple colors while on the other side photography blog needs you to choose that theme with flashy animations and some crazy colors.


Have your target audience in mind and remember that they will be using different platforms to access your blog. The theme should be compatible with the commonly used browsers and should also look the same when opened on a mobile device. Test before implementation to tell if your target audience can access that site and if your theme looks as amazing as that of one using a computer.


Choose a theme at that already has page builders to make your work easier. These are the plug-ins that help the blogger to create any page layout they want by simply dragging and dropping some interface. Make sure the theme is friendly when it comes to search engine optimization.


Otherwise, your site might fail to code and function properly if you chose the wrong theme. If you do not know how optimization of engines and themes work ask for help from an expert avoid making serious mistakes. For more details about wordpress, visit


Look for reviews by other customers to tell some of the challenges they have experienced since the purchase of that item. These themes are rated, and it is the best place to go for to check before making your conclusion. Read through the reviews to see why it has been rated negatively by so many people and also check why another theme has a lot of positive reviews from a lot of people. Do not be in a rush since these themes at are released regularly and if you take your time, you will get one worth it.