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Reasons Why You Should Choose Word Press


If you are craving to create a blog, there are numerous types of blogging software to get you going easily and quickly. However, if you seriously want to grow a professional business, the best thing is to get a real domain name and hosting account. This could be compared to the times when many organizations offered free hosting so you could establish your web page. After some years these companies became financially ruined and so did the sites. It is therefore important to begin appropriately to avoid regrets in future.


One of the reasons why you should consider using WordPress blogging software is because it is easy to install and set up. If you have a hosting account that uses Linux servers, they will most likely have the tool that is used to install word press within a few minutes. Ensure that you have the latest version and if you don't, update your Word Press installation before you start customizing it.


If you don't have money that can afford a domain name or a hosting account, you can create a free account with Word Press.


Secondly, Word press has numerous templates to choose from. You don't need to be a programmer or to know html to start a blog with Word Press. You can choose from their templates they offer, and you can easily switch between them. If you are impressed with them, there are other sites that display Word Press themes at this site and allow you to download them.


Additionally, the basic themes that come with the word press installation can easily be customized to match your needs. There are multiple plug-ins that will allow you to change the color design, images, add contact forms and photo albums. To learn more about wordpress, visit


Also, Word Press has great documentation and support forums. The documentation that comes with Word Press covers almost all features of Word Press Blog. If you are stuck, the support forums are very quick to answer your questions.


Besides, Word Press has an easy organization. Most of the templates that it has include pages, categories, links, and feeds. They are normally located in the sidebar, but they can easily customize to go elsewhere. You are also able to add other features in case you need them for your blog.


Also you can easily add AdSense ads to your blog with a plug-in. By placing in strategic locations on your blog, it will give you the opportunity of making money. You also make money by including links to affiliate programs related to the subject of your blog, view the list here!